stained glass fish

There is nothing so thrilling to me as the prospect of a new window.

Each design is location specific; each one original, and inspired by the surroundings, decor and other aspects of the room.
Some clients have a theme or subject in mind, others do not.
A great deal of care is taken to understand the desires of the client.
Through conversation, questions and
observance and working to client specifications, I produce a design for acceptance.

While creating the design, in my mind's eye, I can see the window and to a great extent, I have already begun the glass selection process.

The designing of the window, although an integral part, is only the first step. Once accepted, the design is enlarged to full size and the crucial task of glass selection is begun in earnest. Having made the initial selections, the meticulous, exacting task of cutting begins.

This process can be intense as glass selections continue as the piece takes form and I strive to create the vision I have for the finished piece.

Great care is taken to ensure the piece is vibrant and yet not garish. There is a fine line between a beautiful piece with great depth and realism and a piece that is overpowering or harsh.

Having satisfied myself that the design I created is successfully interpreted in glass, it is time to assemble it.
I use a modern version of Louis Comfort TIffany's method of copper foil.
A copper tape is used to edge each piece of glass, which is then assembled, jigsaw like, with each copper surface soldered, joining piece to piece to create the finished window. A patina is applied to the solder to darken it and give it a more natural look.

Already a framing material has been decided upon, depending on the size and installation requirments. Some pieces will be installed free hanging, others installed into an existing window opening. Perhaps a beautiful, warm wood frame, or I use steel frames for larger installations that require extra strength, or sometimes the design simply warrants it.

A thorough cleaning that makes the glass come alive is the last step before delivery and installation. - commissions

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